Friday, September 24, 2010

RE: Starcraft 2

Entaro Tassadar Friend,

So as you should know, unless you live under a particularly dense rock that blocks out all sound and anything of importance, on July 27th Starcraft 2 was released. Now if you're even more dense than I would hope one could ever be, let me give you a little background information.

In 1998 Blizzard released a space based RTS (Real Time Strategy) game featuring 3 races. First the Humans known the Terrans, an armor and gun heavy race that prioritizes having multiple specialist units to deal with specific threats, the Protoss a highly advanced alien race who equip all their buildings and all their units with shields prioritizing their strength and the overall longevity of their forces, and the zerg a hive mind race who specialize in swarming and quickly overwhelming the map with their superior numbers. This game would become a national sport in South Korea and would spawn one of the most anticipated sequels in gaming history.

My favorite race to play is the Protoss but I'm horrible at using them so like every other player in Starcraft I play as the Terrans.
Thors are so awesome

I find Starcraft most awesome because of the many strategies people employ to defeat their foes. You can watch two people play for hours and their style of play will constantly change in the ever long battle of countering and maneuvers.
Drone Rushes, Odd but effective if you play them right

Sometimes an unorthodox strategy is the best strategy because it just catches your opponent so off guard they wont respond properly, but more often and smart play is the best answer.
Do you like your Zerg original or extra crispy?

One of the unorthodox strategies I like in particular is the proxy Carrier strategy employed by some Protoss players. If you can get the carrier out fast enough in a place no one would look you can catch your opponent off guard and demolish them. However, you should probably build more than one.
If your Carrier gets countered by a marine something is wrong.
If you play things right you'll earn achievements and portraits to show off how much time you spend in front of the computer playing South Korea's best sport. The avatars are pretty cool so if you like the game I guess its worth it. Anyone who's played xbox 360 and ps3 should be used to the idea.
My favorite achievements displayed in my showcase

Current and unimpressive points along with my awesome avatar.

So play the games, be awesome, and if you play as Terran please mass marines against me.
*snipe* *snipe* *snipe*

I love using snipe

Always in your base killing your dudes,
A. Bionat


Thursday, September 23, 2010

RE: Heart Gold Nuzlocke

To Pokemon Nerds,

For those who care and to those who are curious I am in the midst of a Nuzlocke run of the Pokemon game Heart Gold. Its a remake of the 1999/2000 sequel to Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow and is one of my current favorites in the series. Now, for those of you not in the know, a Nuzlocke run is what Pokemon fans do when they're bored and find themselves with free time. More accurately its when you play any version of Pokemon to self imposed rules including but not limited to:

No Healing items (Potions, Berries, Leftovers)

If a Pokemon faints (has their hp reduced to 0) you must release it or put it in the pc box to never be used again

Limited to catching only the first Pokemon you find in each route excluding Shiny Pokemon (Pokemon of a different color which are especially rare further identified by a glitter animation) and (dependent on the player) legendary pokemon

I guess you're wondering "Hey you idiot why would you subject yourself to such torture?" The simple answer is, its quite the challenge and challenges are fun! The truth is Nuzlocke and his Fans make it look cool. (each letter in 'fans' is a separate url)

If you love playing Pokemon and/or you find yourself with nothing to play and/or find yourself with nothing to do you should try out a Nuzlocke run. It will make your game play more creative and you'll find yourself caring more about your Pokemon knowing their lives are on the line. I used to not give it a second thought if my Magnamite in training might die fighting Raticates with pursuit but, as my girlfriend can tell you, I fuss over it alot. Also, I bet you've never used Headbutt on trees and fished in towns in desperate search for Pokemon to add to your party. Its crazy, but its also fun!

Anyways, I hope you'll try it or at least visit the comic. They are hilarious to Pokemon fans.

Forever a Pokemon Nerd,
A. Bionat

RE: A Bionat

To a curious reader,

Hello and how are you? I will assume you are well and I'm happy to hear that. As for me, I am tired but none the less happy. By the way I am A. Bionat and I am a student, brother, boyfriend, gamer, best friend, aspiring director, editor, (bad) writer, and apparently now a blogger. I live in the City of Angels California and I hope that you will find what I have to say at the very least interesting if not entertaining. I hope to hear from you in the future and you will definitely hear from me.

All the best,
A. Bionat